• What's the use of sunrise if we don't get up.
  • Life runs on rails that need constant repair.
    Boguslav Wojnar
  • Like in a stage play, the important thing about life is not how long it lasts, but how well it is played.
    Lucius v. Seneca
  • If we were able to accord each individual the right amount of food and exercise, we would have found the most definite route to health.
  • Actually I am a different person - I just don't get around being that person.
    Ödön von Horvath
  • The man who is too busy to take care of his health is like a craftsman who is too busy to take care of his tools.
    Spanish proverb
  • Not because it is difficult we don't dare doing it, but it is difficult because we don't dare.
  • Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.
    Mark Twain
  • Nothing is more relaxing than accepting things as they come
    Dalai Lama

Corporate Health

Benetics can help you to enhance your workforce's performance utilizing methods form professional sports. We will be pleased to give you comprehensive information on what we can effect regarding your employees' fitness. Our corporate health program is easily integrated in existing programs. Together with our network of cooperating physiotherapists, exercise scientists, psychologists and healthcare experts we offer seminars (one day or several days) in a hotel or at your company site.
In addition, we counsel you regarding individual programs for managers conducted at Benetics in the Arco Palais at Wittelsbacher Platz in Munich or at your company.

Contact: info@benetics.de